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Norford Fahie


  • It is basically just easy to use! I’ve never had an issue with it and if I had any questions - easy to get in touch with people to answer my questions. So, really overall a great experience.

    Ashley Ciccolini Assistant Director of Student Accessibility Services, Florida Atlantic University
  • I think it’s a fabulous resource. I appreciate that there is a central resource somewhere that I can go to get all of the information I need.

    Cindy Morgan Senior Coordinator of Disability Support Services, Palo Alto College
  • The big thing is the different file formats, we can get the PDF, we can get DOC or sometimes TXT formats, so it makes it easy, comes right in the email and is quickly downloadable. I mean, you couldn’t ask for much more than that!

    David Sanford Adaptive Technology Coordinator, Austin Peay State University
  • The biggest way that AccessText impacts my work is that it’s the first place that I go to when I’m searching for an accessible textbook. If they have it, it saves me time and money and it makes sure that my students get accessible textbooks in the fastest way possible.

    Stephanie Staley Disability Support Services Coordinator, Concordia University Portland
  • AccessText is just wonderful. The interface is really easy to use. It’s really easy to search for books. The turnaround time is remarkably fast.

    Nicole Subik Assistant Director of Learning Support Services, Villanova University
  • It makes it so much easier not having to scan a book myself… just having the publisher-quality PDF is incredibly invaluable.

    Neal Sorenson Assistive Technology Specialist, Naropa University

Norford earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia. He supervises the Customer Support and Training Department of the Center for Inclusive Design & Innovation (CIDI) assisting clients with understanding products and services provided by CIDI as well as providing technical support when needed.

Before joining CIDI, Norford worked as an Alternative Media Production Assistant and then Disability Coordinator at the University of Georgia. Norford joined the CIDI team in September of 2014. Norford takes great pride in working with clients to maximize their use of the technology, materials, and services provided by CIDI. When not engaging with customers, you can find Norford knitting up a storm, rocking out to any and every type of music, or immersed in riveting documentaries or movies.

Norford Fahie

AT Support Supervisor